About art

the artist dragging a red sack around a gallery with monitors behind
Double Void, performance & film installation, Newlyn Art Gallery, 2001

Art creates possibilities for change.

Delpha Hudson creates combined media art works including performance, film and installation to provoke multiple dialogues with audiences and communities in order to change the visibility and value of women, mothers and carers.

Artist’s Statement: I want to create art that speaks to the heart and mind and that shifts our perspectives about the value of care in society. I want to create transformative conversations through visual and sensory means that change cultural narratives that simultaneously trivialize caring and mothering roles and create pressure to live up to unrealisable ideals.

I often collaborate with others, creating dialogues about shared stories and experiences. I aim to create visibility and value for women and carers through valorising the realities of our domestic and home lives.

Delpha Hudson was born in Surrey in 1963. She has an MA from Dartington College and has made and curated inter-disciplinary art works since 1998. Her video and performance works have been shown internationally, with work commissioned for the Tate St Ives and galleries around the UK. More about Delpha

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Studio painting and sculpture works can be viewed on my sister site

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