Latest Project News

I am currently making a short film series of works that relate to the Theatre of the Self. How to go from one page to another will be a collection of performative works that explore humour, survival, language and fluid identity, as well as maternal mental health. 

Translating Theatre of the Self into an engaging inter-disciplinary project is challenging, so there is a great deal of research and writing going on behind the scenes. Some writing has been published online sites:

Last year’s writing collaboration Dr Marianne May on Acts of Survival was a fantastic process which looked back on 20 years of feminist and performance practice. Online interview:

There are lots of great events happening at the Hypatia Trust in Penzance that I am curating locally to engage and promote women artists. Using the site and space of the archive to celebrate women, Small Promethean Acts will appear later in the year at the Hypatia Trust base, as a sculpture and sound installation.

For a full range of news and studio painting and sculpture projects, go to my sister site:

Burning diaries as part of Theatre of the Self (2017)