Double Burden

playing an accordion as part of a performance called double burden

Double Burden performance end 
Photo by Amy Dignam

Double Burden performance by Delpha Hudson

at Leyden Gallery, 6.30 – 9pm.

Desperate Artwives ‘takeover’ of Leyden Gallery (9/9a Leyden st, London, E1 7LE

2nd March 2017

Double Burden is a performance exploring the weight of expectation, the load of care, with which mothers have to deal. Continuing a series of works made from the late 90s using metaphors of materials to explore cultural and physical burdens of parenting, in the hope that they might be more fairly shared.

I believe art can change what we see, and what we understand. Using transmittability, presence, and belatedness in a range of media, my work past and present, explores attitudes to mothering, relationships and the burden we share.

I am no longer a mother of small children, yet instead of focusing on the new challenges I face (the menopause, grandma-dom, and old age), I still want to voice the passionately distilled the anger I felt at being an over-worked, invisible cog in a misogynist, patriarchal system – oh, I mean mother.

I would like to say things have changed, yet until as a society we take responsibility for each other – not just our own children, and until parents can feel justified in asking for help, without judgement, and without being labelled ‘failures’, then there are things that need to change in our cultures of care.