1000 Kisses

Adieu Birmingham- 1,000 Kisses, Performance at The window, 26/2/06

Action: with the window ‘whitened out’ as if the ‘shop’ has been closed, she slowly wipes away the white covering on the window and covers everything (the window, the white linen, her dress) with kisses made with HP sauce (only made in Aston, Birmingham).

 The performance is a personal and private interaction in a public space, the glass  obscured, cleaned and then marked in a process that is at once a greeting, a goodbye, and  a questionable aesthetic tribute to place, and gender.

A durational work (the time it takes to plant 1,000 kisses in the space), the timeless symbol of the kiss, becomes slow and painful as the spicy HP sauce, induces swelling and soreness. A strange tribute to gendered tenderness and trauma.