A Walk with Jane Austen


Performance and performance video, Blossomfield House 1999, (video 20 minutes). Shown at: Solihull Gallery (2000)

Humorously re-evaluating the relevance of women 19th century female authors and historicity, Jane Austen was performed in an informative walk around the grounds of Blossomfield House. The event was documented and repeated without an audience, and the resulting video was spliced together with 2 time frames, and a manipulated Phillip Glass soundtrack.

As well as theoretically re-claiming walking for women as a ‘feminist discourse’, (Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust), the work is about exploring the veracity of history and of time, and its constructs (in this case especially the notion of ‘bodice-ripping’ romance genres). Playing with text and in-authenticity, the intention was to engage an audience with notions of historical construction of women; their facts and fictions, and the possibility of re-visioning histories.