Dos Palabras

In(text)change, Street Performance, Exeter (HEM festival 2002), Birmingham (2003), and London (Tabernacle Trust, Nottinghill, 2004).

Versioning street work where words are exchanged, references Isabel Allende’s short story Dos Palabras (Two Words). Her character Belisa is so poor that her choices are to become a servant or a prostitute. Instead she discovers the magic of words, she

‘found out that words make their way in the world without a master, and that anyone with a little cleverness can appropriate them and do business with them.’

 Using conversation, dialogue and textual interchange in public sites to produce dyadic interactions of fragmented texts, enunciating the female body as a differentiated site of exchange.

Besides creating presence, performance parodies the ways in which women are bound and limited by language and misrepresented in public space. This in-te(xt)change becomes a private form of conversation and negotiation enacted in a public space, in each performance through different written forms (for example: a word in a small clear plastic bags of seawater, or fountain water, exchanged for a word written on my clothing) in order to negotiate movement in language and presence for women.