Miss Readings

Miss-Readings, site-specific performance, Barbara Hepworth Museum, St Ives, as part of Tate St Ives ‘Art Cornwall Now’, February 2007

 Playing with the expectations and context of the historically and politically correct museum tour, an alternative tour was created that responded to the contradictions and tensions in Dame Barbara Hepworth’s life, spaces and oeuvre.

As a critical intervention that contrasts and strip away the layers of public expectation and preciousness about museum spaces, this performance tour has the intention of bringing the space to life and contemplating different ideas about Dame Barbara’s achievement; in spite of being female and mother, in spite of being an ’established revolutionary’, in spite of male friends and critics who purportedly helped her.

Playing around with the persona and performance of the ‘guide’, as well that of dame Barbara herself, it is a personal and textual exchange, intended to be banal, esoteric, slightly irreverent and absurd. Miss –Readings re-interprets place, engaging the public in new dialogues and possibilities for site and history