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COVID-19 update April 2020

I am continuing my domestopias paintings in lockdown at home instead of going to my studio. The irony of making work about the monstrous hilarity and heroism of carers and children stuck at home together is not lost on me. My heart goes out to families who very little to laugh about in coping without outside help.

drawing in black bitumen of small children and carers at home

Sleepless nights, complicated days, (80x100cm) bitumen and oil on canvas was researched, planned and drawn in January before the covid crisis but is so pertinent to current lockdown circumstances. I am currently adding colour. Other domestopia paintings.

When the lock down is over I hope to be able to open up my studio and use the window to show real art safely– at a social distance. I set up art windows fb group to encourage the idea of using windows to show art. I’d love to be able to somehow support the local community and other artists.

I’ve been continuing my research on women’s feminist autobiography. I am fascinated by what I’ve read and how it might impact on my project ‘Theatre of the Self’. I hope to create more work around themes of narrative smoothing and re-structuring. I am now planning to present some of my research online via podcast/or youtube – now that I won’t be presenting it elsewhere!

working in my studio before lockdown