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COVID-19 update June 2020

Film work has begun! Lockdown lowfi films made with a mobile phone and a helpful husband, prove that where there is a will there is a way! More information about the first film ‘Like a ship righting itself’ and its parent project ‘How to go from one page to another’ can be found here: domestic microfilms

Exploring simple narratives and metaphors, these films are about surviving motherhood and women’s mental health issues and relate to a ‘parent’ project  ‘Theatre of the Self’. Continuing research on women’s feminist autobiography with themes of narrative soothing and re-structuring. Projects working with women & mental health are on hold due to the Corona virus. Instead I hope to produce ‘Theatre of the Self’ in book form. More online:  

working in my studio – have a look at what’s new in my studio

Small Promethean Acts is a project that collects stories about home and caring in order to give value to ‘home workers’.  A sound and sculpture installation was made for Artcore Gallery, Derby Sept-Nov 2019.  Blog:

Last year’s writing collaboration Dr Marianne May on Acts of Survival was a fantastic process which looked back on 20 years of feminist and performance practice. Online interview: