To the Lighthouse (and back)

To the Lighthouse

Video still

To The Lighthouse, (length 10 minutes, silent), shown at Newlyn Gallery (2002), Wild Dog (2004)

With an atmosphere of apparent timelessness, the silence and slow motion of the camera (the author/subject/gaze) moves across the tiny figures at Godrevy, passing a young child, and settling on the image of Virginia Woolf’s lighthouse.

My work tries to deal with the unrepresentable; experimenting with various notions of presence and absence. Most of my work is based around the female body, and re-representation of the maternal. Referencing Woolf’s work, the repetition of the lighthouse image is one of return – the constant return to the mother, and the question of her subjecthood, and entry into the symbolic.

Coming soon: this video will be available on-line.