On the margin

Performance made on the margin between land and sea.

 Video Performance, St Ives, 2003, (3mins) 

Shown at Tulca, Ireland (2005), Wild Dog, London (2004), SEEN Leicester, (2004), The Phoenix,  Exeter (2003), Serbia (2003)

The mother’s body exists in liminal spaces between. Julia Kristeva writes it is a boundary between life and death; a margin that cannot be exceeded in phallo-centric discourse.  Here the conscious and unconscious elide.

The performed female body is bound, encased and encoded in material that has qualities of being both shroud and cocoon. The body is mummified by rolling and then unravelled to escape. The movement in the work is  a multi-layered metaphor between discourse and practice, life and death, presence and absence.

Coming soon: this video will be available on line.