August 2020

I have exciting news that thanks to funding from Cultivator and Arts Council England I have been able to start mentoring with Ceri Hand, who has already been an exceptional inspiration, helping me to think clearly about my arts practice and what I want to achieve.

AND thanks to Cultivator again -another grant will pay for publishing ‘Theatre of the Self’ in collaboration with designer Katy Wheeler and Headland Printers. The project will comprise of 5 small books in a box that document the project that are about surviving and women’s mental health issues with themes of narrative soothing and re-structuring – as well as cathartic diary destruction! For more information:  

I am continuing with my micro-films, initiating collaborations with other women artists who are performing the scores and developing the voices and stories. More information about the first film ‘Like a ship righting itself’ and its parent project ‘How to go from one page to another’ can be found here: domestic microfilms

working in my studio – have a look at what’s new in my studio