Film still from ‘Like a ship righting itself’, 4 mins, June 2020

‘Like a ship righting itself’ is the first film of a series of microfilms about women and mental health in the home. Each film is initiated by a phrase, a domestic object and a story or text that are ‘acted upon’ in a landscape, here in Cornwall. They contain metaphors of survival and suggest that we can all be ‘makers of self ‘ through narrative re-structuring. We all become the stories we tell ourselves  – about ourselves – and if we can re-write our own stories we can move differently across the ‘page’ of experience.

Instead of the planned professional film ‘lockdown lowfi’ meant that it was filmed by my husband on my iphone and edited on an old mac. Huge thanks to my husband Nigel Bispham cameraman – and for his original piano composition Pythagorian Triangle.

The film is on VIMEO but not yet on general release!

SMEAR 1&2 were performance-film collaborations with Helen Battelley made in 2005. They were short films shot at home featuring Helen and messy substances as a metaphor for women’s lives. Exploring how women are ‘smeared’, and ‘tarred with the same brush’ of language, invisibly and confinement.

Looking at old film shorts was part of a process of looking back – to look forward. Nice to find old projects archived somewhere on an old DV tape – or even a VHS video.