Melange Tous & Music Performance

 performance a woman playing accordiong and a man playing sax

Place Settings, Venice 2016

Desire and discourse in sound art performance collaborations

Nigel and I often discuss performance as a gift, an act of generosity. As a seasoned musician, Nigel’s mantra is ‘when I enjoy it, audiences join in and enjoy it too’.

For me using music and sound is part of a longstanding multi-sensory and interdisciplinary approach in my arts practice. For Nigel it seems a natural development of his generous, collaborative, poetic and pedagogic music-filled life.

Visual listening is creating and composing music which is navigated by bodily and physical cues. We start with site, an object, or some words (poetry), and develop bodily-emotional meta-narratives, exploring ways in which sound and movement speaks to us all. We share our enjoyment of music performance, as part of a journey to explore,

‘heterogeneous set[s] of shifting sonic territories shaped and aggregated by the vicissitudes of desire and discourse.’ (François J. Bonnet’s The Order of Sounds: A Sonorous Archipelago)

Nigel Bispham is a musician and composer based in Penzance. He provided the haunting piano music for my lastest film. We now also perform together as  mélange tous playing klezmer, swing, Cajun and our own original songs on sax and accordion (mainly). More information and links from our facebook page.

Our latest live performance was from home during lockdown for Golowan festival.

More original songs: All the people we are

Delpha and the Bear 3

short video of Delpha and the Bear at Lafrowda Festival (thanks to Tim Ridley for the footage) We did something similar – Bearheamian Rhapsody a laugh at HAB arts, 2017