Pleasure in Slowness, 2004

Performance with Helen Battelley, Mailbox Intervention Festival, B’ham, (2004)

Documentation of a live art performance devised for Birmingham Mail Box Intervention Festival, September, 2004 by Delpha Hudson and Helen Battelley (‘Rubber Glove’). Devised for the shopping mall or ‘arcade’ it references Walter Benjamin’s writings on modern day life and slowness – but with the extra dimensions of motherhood, domesticity, role playing and masquerade. The performance score created alternate fast-slow actions for 2 performers with old fashioned alarm clocks announcing a change of speed every 10 minutes. Actions include dragging balloons (a metaphor for children) around the shopping centre, walking a wind-up pig (a replacement for Benjamin’s ‘walking a tortoise’), slowly window shopping or sitting in a cafe, changing outfits in shops, and dragging a card board cut out of a husband…

Filmed by Sarah Rose. With thanks to all the babysitters that made us available to run around a shopping centre without them  – for a day!