Something’s Special

with related works: something else, something in-between.

Sculpture, video installation and performance, Solihull, 2001

Something Special is the overall title of a series of inter-related works in different media. Something special (video installation),  something else (sculpture installation) and something in-between (performance) were made to explore relationships and dialogue between different media, sites and concepts. Inspired by our special relationships to things and objects, this project explored gendered relationships with clothing and objects through site and time. The resulting installation is made from the inter-relating media and time frames  and creating dialogue between media, performed body, and site.

The installation shot shows sculptural copies of special clothing (something else),  3 monitors showing video ‘vox pops’ of interviewees talking about clothing that makes them feel special (Something special) and live performance was added as an additional layer to the mix.

I made a self-published book of my research and process featuring work by Nick Kaye and others. I might dig it out and publish here!