Sculpture, video installation and performance, Solihull, 2001

This project is composed of a video installation (Something Special), a sculpture installation (Something Else) and a performance (Something In-between) exploring the juxtaposition and dialogue between objects, film and performance sited repeatedly over time.

 Inspired by our special relationships to things and objects, this project explored gendered relationships with clothing and objects. Three video monitors show a series of vox-pops with 40 women talking about an item of clothing that makes them feel special. Exploring our relationship to how things make us feel, some of the sculptures of clothing that were talked about were then created into sculptures made of iron, clay, paper, wax – and then partly destroyed by erosion, rust, fire, and heat. One dress was recreated and worn in a performance in the space, another was placed inside an oval enclosure of opaque cloth.

The installation shot below shows just one of the video monitors, part of the oval enclosure of cloth and 3 of the partly destroyed items of clothing. There is a self-published book of my research and process available.