Something’s Fishy


Versions of this performance have taken place in both Birmingham (2005),  in Nottingham at the Surface Gallery (2004) and more recently at the Goods Shed, Stroud (SVA’s SITE festival 2012)

In this performance I use the body as site of text, and political imposition. It is required of the audience, in a gallery site or in the streets to decide what to be suspicious of (as implied by the title of the piece)….the smell of the fish? The glamorous woman wearing them? The impersonation of glamour? Politicians…newspapers……art itself? There is an implication that here in the West we are not critical or suspicious enough.  We are comfortable with spectacle. Art is rarely used as a political or poetical vehicle in any sense.

Combining the smell of the fish, and the presentation of text removed and read from the mouths of the fish, (in a gallery space) or a dialogue about the text  (when ‘performed’ with a street audience), mixes the roles of the news-seller and fish-woman. I want to create the possibilities for a different female voice, combining personal female narratives, with current news. Initiating dialogue and interaction with the public essentially on political/newsworthy subjects, I hope to draw out dissension and possibilities for political engagement or at least suspicion in a visual and poetic way.