Sound performance, collaboration with Nigel Bispham &  Robin Simpson

saw sings 7saw sings this one 4





Performed at CAZ RESOUND festival, the Acorn Theatre Penzance, May 2013

Link to short video documentation: sings this one 6

A unique journey in four movements of the life, death, rebirth of a piece of wood, taking the audience through four lines of a short poem of transformation from tree to table, from birth to disassociation.

Music and sound transform and communicate non-verbal existence. In this performance, poetry is not read or spoken, but performed and created in the intersection between sound and sculpture. The stratospheric range of the saxophone, with accordion, looped recordings, and manipulated found sound are combined with inscribed objects and play with the rhythmic and sonorous potential of the written and performed word in 3-dimensional space, creating dramatic tension, spectacle and narrative.

Intentionally exploring Bachelard’s ‘poetic image’, with objects and sound, the performance offers a prismatic view of the enchanted significance of reverberation of the saw’s song of creation, destruction and transmutation. Sound and material objects have the potential to awaken new depths, resonance, and sentimental repercussions in poetry, creating a dynamic, and rhythmic slice of time and space.

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