In changing the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, we learn to survive

In 2017 I ritually re-read 30 diaries (1977-2010) as an art project. I kept some and burned the rest. The Theatre of the self (2017) is many things; a research project about women, autobiography and telling stories; a practical project that made me read and get rid of over 30 years of diaries; a personal and cathartic project that enabled me to deal with past trauma.

For over 30 years I had used my diary as a confidante with whom I could converse for mental health. It was not the kind of diary that one leaves behind. The performance process not was an emotional and a dramatic creative act that explored not destruction but psychological narrative reconstruction – how in changing the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves – a theatre that we are all daily engaged in  – we can survive trauma and improve our mental health. (More…writing page under construction) 

Thanks to Cultivator and Arts Council funding publication of the a limited edition of 100 box sets will be available from late December 2020. There are 5 small (A6) books going to print that contain performance documentation of the 2017 project and 4 colour coded mental health diaries.  

Watch a film of Delpha talking about the project

Follow updates about the project on the Theatre of the Self on Instagram where the original project has been unarchived!

Under construction: Take a look inside the Theatre of the Self Documentation book or find out more about the 4 colour coded mental health diaries: A Little Book of Smoke & Mirrors, The Body Book, The Golden Notebook, and the Little Black Book of Catharsis (with a handy match on the spine).

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