Sited sound performance work by Delpha Hudson & Nigel Bispham, the old smoke ovens @ Suspended Sentences, Newlyn. Installation running for duration of the show. Live Performance: Sat 14th September 2013

Using collaborative writing to explore the language of space and emotion, poetry is transformed into sound. Music and sound transform and communicate non-verbal existence. In this performance, poetry is not read or spoken, but performed and created in the intersection between sound and sculpture. The stratospheric range of the saxophone, with accordion, creates rhythmic and sonorous potential of the written and performed word in 3-dimensional space, creating dramatic tension, spectacle and narrative.

Intentionally exploring Bachelard’s ‘poetic image’ of space, and bouncing off some Simon Armitage’s work with some more of our own poetry, the performance offers a prismatic view of the enchanted significance of memory, and its potential to transform as well as distort, and trick (hence Red Herring –also a name for smoked fish!) Awakening new depths in spaced and site Red Herring! Is a dynamic, and rhythmic slice of time.

The audience are invited to interact with this sound piece by opening the oven doors to press play, to mix residues of performed sound.