A collection of writing projects. Painting Blog 2020

photo of the artist in her studio with monochrome paintings

Delpha Hudson- about Theatre of the self  – 

Women’s Diary writing and  my on-going project Theatre of the Self.

On painting: http://www.delphahudsonartist.co.uk/conceptual-painting/

Confidence, equality and being nice


Intertextual writing

Liminal bodies text

ls short v for web

 –  Liquid Selves: the fragmentary and multiple nature of Self; a self-published book about dripped bitumen paintings


self-published book about small scale assemblage works with text

Lover’s Letters book

 self-published book about ceramic letter  plaques installations

art, objects & superabundance

Andrew Lanyon and Creative Process

Double Vision:

a review of the NSA show, Newlyn

The dark monarch – review of Tate show St Ives

Sam Hall’s Pots – an article printed in ceramica