Video,  3 minutes, (made Barcelona, 2004) shown at REVOLVER, PZ Gallery, 2010
Juxtaposing footage of a mother begging in the streets and votive statues of the Virgin Mother in a festive, much visited church, the video visually draws out the ambivalences and contradictions of the institution of motherhood, which is at once denigrated and revered.
There is no escape it seems, from the iron bars (behind which the religious statues are housed) or the cars, which hide and frame the begging mother. These are metaphors for confinement, and the separation of idealized icons of maternity, with the lived reality of motherhood. The happy, upbeat festive music follows the camera to the effigies of the virgin birth.
My practice processes representations of motherhood in ways that question the way Western depictions of either ‘good enough’ or ‘not good enough’. Mothers are ‘outsiders’, excluded from discourse, trapped in stereotypical representations. My work tries to deal with the un-representable; provoking questions about the representation of ‘mother’, and how this questionable ‘subject’ can find representation beyond stereotypical binaries. Playing with multiple images, questions the way that contemporary Western society thinks of mothers in the hope that we can find new ways of thinking about her.