s de t 2 audienceSalon de Textes Edition 2: the rhythm of fragments…. Friday 11th April 2014. An intimate spoken word showcase with an exhibition of art in response to spoken word performance.

Artists sharing and showing work: Ros Bason, Anca Boerlu, Nigel Bispham, Rene Crouch, Mac Dunlop, Maura Hazelden, Delpha Hudson, Anna Keleher, Mark Leahy, Jim Pope, Lynda Powney, Cathy Preston, Chris Priest, Fi Read, Alan Reed, Alex Rodgers, Janine Rook, Mr Thursday, Rebecca Weeks, Jill Whall, Judith Whitehouse, Ian Whitford.

Click on link to read more about these artists: Credits edition 2

Edition 2 aims to perform and concretize words, creating ‘a species of centaur – half materials, half words’ (Sigmar Polke). Using fragments of spoken words to create dissonance and resonance between text, and object, meaning can articulated in visual configurations in which ‘the purity of words is corrupted and re-performed, in a constant dialogue between them all’.

Salon de Textes  is ‘a ‘laboratory, workshop, forum, a ‘nuptial chamber’. Artists are invited to respond to the similarities and dissimilarities in the rhythm of  words created vocally and textually; exchanging signs that make them eternally discursive.

This project is curated by Delpha Hudson (in association with other independent artists and CAZ; supported by ALIAS’ series Artists’ Hubs taking place across Cornwall). Cornwall Autonomous Zone: http://www.cazart.org.uk/

s de t 2 hallList of artists and the titles of their spoken word performances that responded to visual art installations. The recordings are no longer available online but can be made available. 

Nigel Bispham ‘Your words’: https://soundcloud.com/delphah/nigel-bispham-your-words-mp3

Rene Crouch ‘Nightscape’

Mac Dunlop ‘Job For Life-less’

Maura Hazelden ‘Pride & Prejudice: movement: past, possible, present plus letters: verbs’

Anna Keleher ‘This place has seen’

Mark Leahy “Hello! This is a test”

Jim Pope ‘The poet’

Cathy Preston ‘The time has come’

Fi Read  ‘Tequila’:

‘Portsmouth to Penzance’

Alex Rogers ‘shoulds…his merry men’

Jill Whall ‘Jackdaws’ & ‘Mother & child’

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s de t 2 jill & judith