Media Archive

close up of red wool with the words 'man may control change'
Gendered Reading Exercise, installation, Custard Factory, 2003

This could easily be called the ‘other archive’….as it includes all the projects that don’t fit anywhere else; curating for Art Surgery and Salon de Textes, & installation projects like Lover’s Letters, Loss, Written in Honey, Domestic Mottoes and Something Special and many more.

If you have stumbled upon this archive -I want you to know – I am still passionate about lived experience, the gendered self as multiple, dark domestic matters, masquerade, performing the body, collaborating and making people laugh – but I am making work about the same ideas in a more focussed way.

This archive of art exists despite being a single working mother with 4 children and 2 or 3 jobs – and because I am so proud of the work that I squeezed in-between.